Our services cover pre-employment screening and background checks in India and the Asia Pacific region.

VMagnify Solutions procures greater depth of information on a candidate than is revealed by the standard procedure of reading a résumé and calling references.Pre-employment verification, such as background checks of qualifications and employment history are crucial for hiring at any level, as these protect the reputation of an organization.

VMagnify Solutions encourages companies to screen employees of all levels; this ensures continuity by having reliable and trustworthy employees who can grow your company.

Here we have a solution, first of all profile verification is a way to prove your professional values. The main purpose of profile verification is to do an efficient validation of all your past employment history, educational history and your identity etc.It is a process in which a direct approach is made to the last employer companies and their HR so that they can do a proper verification of the certificates and credential of deserving candidate. Now you can have your own profile verification done to get selected by companies instantly and to move one step closer towards your dream job.

  • CIBIL Check
  • Drug Test
  • Education Check
  • Employment check
  • Global Database Check
  • ID Validation
  • Physical Address Verification
  • Reference check
  • Resume Check