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By utilizing the latest, most up-to-date technology available, VMagnify Solutions LLP has been an industry leader for years. We serve Fortune 500 companies and smaller corporations, as well as independent business owners and individuals. Using our background check service, you and your staff will be more than prepared to make a qualified hiring decision. VMagnify Solutions LLP is more than a background check provider— we are your business partner.
VMagnify Solutions Facts
  • All of our Credit Reporting Agents (CRAs) and researchers are trained investigators, not data entry clerks.
  • Our staff does not rely 100% on database searches.
  • Our background reports are customized in an easy-to-read and understandable format, which allows our client to easily identify and review results.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, VMagnify Solutions has never been involved in a lawsuit, thereby saving our clients time and money.
Our Mission & Vision
Our Mission
All of VMagnify Solutions Check's staff and credit reporting agents are trained investigators who possess the talent and expertise to separate factual information from outdated and erroneous information that can lead to inaccurate background checks.
At VMagnify Solutions, we believe we are more than a background check provider — we are your business partner. Every client, when possible, is assigned their own personal VMagnify Solutions customer service representative, ensuring immediate service. Clients can expect a close personal relationship designed to facilitate satisfaction with all services. Every day, our company motto reminds us to take the extra step in our background check investigations — "Just to be sure."
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